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Here are some of my favorite photos that I haven taken over the years, both digital and on film.
You can find more on Instagram or Flickr.

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” – Destin Sparks

Kitty hiding behind plant branches
Goose with the Seattle skyline in the background
House on a random street
A building in Pasadena, CA
San Diego Safari landscape
Seattle clocktower in between sunset and blue hour
Leaves in the sun
Autumn leaves
35mm film photo - LOVE letters sign in a Las Vegas hotel
Multidirectional cross paths in Pasadena, CA
35mm film photo - On the road to Las Vegas
Blue ocean and sky with fluffy clouds
35mm film photo - Car side mirror selfie
Person's back with lots of bokeh on the street at night
At the beach
San Diego sunset at the beach
Kitty with squinting eyes
Hermann Park Lake in Houston, Texas with birds flying
House on Venice Canals reflection
Yellow lantern
Snoqualmie Waterfall in Seattle, WA
San Diego Safari landscape reflection
Sunny blue skies with painted clouds and a slope of trees
Birds over the ocean at sunset
Walking path at the beach
On the highway to Snoqualmie, blue skies and surrounded by trees
Clown fish at the aquarium
Fish at the aquarium
San Diego Safari landscape with trees
Sting ray at the aquarium
Bird model
On the streets of Pasadena, CA