I'm Annie

Quality Assurance Engineer @ Popmenu


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Here are some personal projects I have worked on.
You can find more on GitHub.

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ReactJS Redux Styled-Components

This is a responsive Tesla website clone customized for Subuwu (Subaru but its uwu).

Project Preview Screenshot

This is the landing page for a fictitious coffee shop called "Comfy Coffee" based on Starbucks' website design.

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HTML5 Tailwind CSS JavaScript Firebase Firestore Database

A redesigned Amazon clone inspired by this concept design on Dribbble. You can add items to cart, delete items from the cart, and increase or decrease the quantity of an item in the cart.

Project Preview Screenshot
Python GCP VM

This is a recurrent neural network Twitter bot written in Python with Tweepy. It will tweet newly generated text from the trained model every hour to a Twitter account

My version of this Twitter bot was trained to generate text with Emily Dickinson poems. It was originally deployed on a Google Cloud Platform virtual machine instance. However, the free trial period ended, so it is now scheduled to run locally on PC startup.