I'm Annie

Quality Assurance Engineer @ Popmenu

Icon of me and Coconut. Art credits to @wynn.draws

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Here are some personal projects I have worked on.
You can find more on GitHub.

Project Preview Screenshot
React JS Firebase Hosting

This is a frontend clone of Netflix's website made just for their original series Warrior Nun. It is built with React and uses the TMDB API to pull in data and images. All images are shuffled upon page refresh.

Project Preview Screenshot
ReactJS Redux Styled-Components

This is a responsive Tesla website clone customized for Subuwu (Subaru but its uwu).

Project Preview Screenshot
Python Selenium

An Instagram bot script written in Python using Selenium on Google Chrome. It will go through posts in hashtag(s) and like and/or comment on them.

Project Preview Screenshot
HTML5 Tailwind CSS JavaScript Firebase Firestore Database

A redesigned Amazon clone inspired by this concept design on Dribbble. You can add items to cart, delete items from the cart, and increase or decrease the quantity of an item in the cart.